How Science Is The Ancestor of Magic

Take the word science and create a link of it to magic, most people would laugh or furrow their brows because science and magic are just that far apart, or are they?To most of us, the definition of science remains the same. A systematic, boring and non-coincidental study of the physical and natural world. Whereas magic is the thrill of the coincidence, the trick of the right thing happening at the precise time, all so accurately that one may say it’s a parallax error. The trick of the eyes not capturing what’s actually happening because they’re viewing it incorrectly. But what if I say that some of the world’s most stunning and exquisite natural effects, are the art of science? What if I told you that science creates magic far beyond anything as real as a camera could capture, or the capabilities of Photoshop would permit to accomplish?Now, magic has various vessels in which it makes an appearance. There is the art of deception which magicians use with calculated measurements, how fast they have to work a trick to let it get by the observation of the eye. Then we nearly have magic in everything. It can go from the sun peaking through trees and painting the tree limbs golden, to the incantations performed on one’s heart through the amplification of music or the way it takes you away, without wings or any inhuman possessions. They say magic is the power of influencing a course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Replace mysterious with intriguing, and take out the super from supernatural. When done, magic is simply science. The fascinating way of how discovered forces and phenomenas result to generate the unbelievable or breathtaking.If you haven’t seen magic in this world, swirling or dangling before you, then you’re oblivious. It exists under the limitless sky, a boundary you can’t escape with two firm feet planted on the ground. It exists beyond the sky, a territory you haven’t the equipment to entirely unravel. Your travel plans and curious minds revolve around the magic in this world, the science in this world. Lets take a few examples, shall we? Lets say you’re somewhere in Mexico or the US, sitting in some peaceful park on a fine evening when suddenly the light of the day has been eclipsed by the migration of an army of Monarch butterflies, in syncing harmony. Beautiful, isn’t it? Magical in fact. You’d agree that it was but what does this have to do with science? Magic can be a word that’s used to explain the profound bliss of an observation, the exhilarated feeling of the unbelievable or never before seen possibilities. Science provides the artifacts and theories for these unimaginable possibilities, the similarity between science and magic is that they’ve been labeled long after their presence, before a man even knew what to term his own hypothesis or before nature played enchanting acts on our minds and philosophy. Science has existed since the prehistoric times, when cavemen first learned that friction between two rough surfaces can produce fire, magic existed when the curve and edge of fire flickered enough to create the light of a small sun in the dark or how in present day, circuses and magicians use fire circles to bring excitement to their performances. But they weren’t explored enough in depth for us to know what they were at the time. Well I’ll tell you, science is magic, and if you don’t believe that, you should know that it creates magic, nothing like you’ve considered possible.You’ve seen lava, deathly and a sheer scarlet lethal. When we picture lava it’s red, but if you see the volcano in Indonesia you’d be surprised to know that the lava there is blue, exactly that of blue fire. Interesting, isn’t it? Again I’d say magic on it’s own, but no. Scientifically, when sulphuric gases are subjected to the right amount of high temperatures, say around 300 degree Celsius, the magical effect produced is blue lava. Not something fake or superficial like Photoshop, but real and observable. Another effect of temperature can cause the birth of something beautiful, like frost flowers found in Ozark mountains, formed when a freezing weather condition occurs although the ground is not already frozen. If this isn’t proof enough, do you believe in water tunnels? Well you should because physical phenomenas like when the Atlantic Ocean meets the Amazon river in Brazil, causes a resultant wave which has the ability to travel at least 500 miles. For surfers letting dust rest on their boards this summer, I’d advise a trip to Brazil for an introduction to the ultimate wave ride. Believe it because it’s all there!In retrospect, magic is beauty, and if your definition of magic differs from mine you still can’t deny that science has a role in bringing about this beauty. Science is what makes it possible because most of us don’t believe in magic, in the impossible, while science works in bringing out the impossible. The things to have thought non-existent. Whether it’s from the biological means of thousands of butterflies migrating, to the chemical results of blue lava or the physical possibilities of long waves, science and magic come from the same lineage. So if you’re searching for a synonym of magic, I hope this article has enough to whisper that one word in your ears. The most unthought link to be made to magic, but with all evidence, to be none other than science.